January 2022

How to Work Out When You Have a Thyroid Problem

Is getting fit on your list of New Year’s resolutions? How is it going so far? When you have a thyroid problem, working out is not easy. If your condition is well controlled, you are likely feeling full of energy and just getting on with your days. However, chances are you’re reading this blog because all is not so well, and you’re experiencing a range of thyroid-related symptoms. Here is my advice on how to incorporate workouts and exercise into your routine.

Choose Your Favorite Type of Movement

First of all, if you’ve decided that this is the year to get in shape, I applaud you. Humans were designed to move. Our bodies work better when we are active.

However, if you are suffering from thyroid problems, you need to consider the type of exercise you choose and how it affects you. Your thyroid issues may have caused you to gain weight, or perhaps your body is resisting weight loss? Conventional wisdom would tell you to exercise more and eat less. However, for thyroid patients, that’s not always the right answer.

Intense exercise stresses your body. Don’t get me wrong – I love high-intensity workouts. Crossfit, anyone? Or how about exercise boot camps? I love the adrenaline rush you get when you’re reaching your workout goals.

The trouble is, by exercising intensely, you may be making your thyroid symptoms worse. Tough exercise causes your body physiological stress. If that stress is prolonged, for example, if you are in the gym doing two or three classes in a row, it can cause your thyroid to regulate down even more. As a result, your metabolism slows further.

Also, if you are on full replacement medication, this hardcore exercise may not work for you. Keeping your heart rate up for this long, stressing muscles and joints may leave you feeling worse.

Remember that slower classes like yoga, stretching, or pilates are just as beneficial.

How About Restorative Exercise?

If you are well optimized and your thyroid condition is under control – go ahead and exercise to your heart’s content. On the other hand, if you struggle with fatigue, sleep quality, or your diet is not that great, it’s worth rethinking your approach.

Restorative types of exercise like Pilates or yoga are great alternatives to get you moving and build up strength. How about going for a walk? Depending on where you live, now may not feel like the best time to head out, but bundle up and try a short walk. Exposing yourself to the cold may help lower your body temperature and contribute to healing. Once you are feeling stronger, take it up a notch with yoga workouts.

Love spin classes? Look at the intensity. If you are in a class, it’s really hard to resist the instructor’s cheers and sit out the intense bit, but perhaps an exercise bike at home is a solution?

Making it Work for You

Avoid getting stuck on prescriptive exercise programs and never be afraid to adjust a training routine. Plus, remember resistance training is at least as beneficial as cardiovascular exercise when it comes to burning calories. High-intensity interval training may work well for you, too.

Most importantly, check-in with yourself. How is your exercise making you feel? If it’s leaving you more fatigued, adjust it to work better for you. No two people are the same, so why should exercise regimes be?

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Ep 5: How can nature improve your thyroid health?

How can nature improve your thyroid health?


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Today, I’m wanting to talk about the ways being in nature are beneficial to your thyroid health. It’s not a connection people often make. People come to work with me usually because of one main thing – mostly fatigue but often weight loss, and body pain. What people don’t really realize is that to get to the root causes of their thyroid issues, I’m working on many factors that contribute to those negative symptoms and recommending accordingly.

Most people are under a lot of stress – whether it be normal, daily commitments or extenuating circumstances like an illness – acute and chronic,; caring for others, financial stress, or any other thing that can knock us off our game. Add that to a poor diet and no or over exercise and it sets us up for a dysfunctional thyroid. Stress – good or bad – directly affects the thyroid and its function. When getting to the bottom of our symptoms and for resolution of those symptoms, we need to deal with lifestyle aspects as well. Stress management is key!


Tips for and reasons to be in nature:

1. Get your D. Vitamin D helps with so many things – thyroid health and balancing the immune system are just 2 of the many.

2. Use your senses. Try this activity for yourself or with your kids/family:  5 Things you can see, 4 Things you can feel, 3 Things you can hear, 2 Things you can smell. 1 Thing you can taste (maybe)

3. Be mindful of what you’re listening to…is true crime or new the best way to unwind while you’re walking in nature?

4. Notice the detail – take pics  of cool things you see…like a rain drop on a leaf, the details of a snowflake, a squirrel in a tree – make a nature walk journal of pics to remind you throughout the year.

5. Be curious – exploring and questioning the things around you

6. Let you mind wander

7. Clean up


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Introduction to Nutrition For Thyroid Health

Do you find yourself waking up every morning, feeling more tired than the night before? Perhaps, you have already been tested for thyroid problems, and whilst the tests are normal you feel terrible?

This blog is for you. The blog accompanies my podcast which is called The Nutrition For Thyroid Health podcast. First things first: you are not alone. I’m a thyroid cancer thriver, and I understand what it’s like to be sick and feel alone.


Your Shortcut to Feeling Better

It took me years to figure out how my diet influenced my thyroid and – with it – the way I felt. Everything I have learned along the way is distilled into my book, The Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment, and both blog and podcast will cover it.

It’s taken me years to figure out this eight-week thyroid diet for people with normal thyroid tests. The goal is to help you thrive, not only survive. And I promise it won’t take years, simply because you don’t need to figure out the steps for yourself.

Whether or not you have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, the three phases of this program are methodical and specific. They are designed to help you overcome countless symptoms and obstacles.


Feeling Overwhelmed? Read On.

Are you waking up with fatigue, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness? I used to be the same.

For years, I’d wake up every morning wondering how I would make it through the day? How could I take care of myself and my kids? I felt so hopeless that I almost stopped caring. But it was in those depths of despair that I was prompted to consider nutrition.

For the next four years, I worked towards becoming a board-certified and licensed nutritionist, as well as a thyroid expert. Today, I wake up with a goal in mind: to support people who have hit rock bottom and help them shortcut their journey back to health.


It’s A Journey

Let me be clear – returning to health doesn’t happen overnight. It’s often a long, hard road. But this road is much easier to travel with support. Along the way, you will learn more about your own health. You will start feeling empowered and positive rather than hopeless and defeated.

You will learn how to partner with your healthcare practitioner and take charge of your health. Most importantly, perhaps, you’ll wake up feeling energized and ready for the day.


Consider The Benefits

Reclaiming your thyroid health will feel like you’re reclaiming your life. You’ll find yourself able to spend and enjoy more quality time with your children. You’ll regain your focus and your stamina to live more fully.

What’s more, it’s time to get off the rollercoaster of diets and eating plans coupled with super intense exercise. Much of this only leaves you more fatigued and frustrated.

You deserve better, and if I was able to feel better, I know you can, too. Reclaim your thyroid health and crush your fatigue without crazy dieting and beating yourself up at the gym! More to come in my next blog. Until then, eat well and be well!

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Ep 04: What is the best protein for thyroid health?

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Protein is so important for all the body processes including thyroid function. Studies show that low levels of protein intake affect the thyroid’s ability to do its job. When selecting  a protein powder supplement to use, I take into consideration all the things that can impact the function of the thyroid. This includes their potential  impact on blood sugar and insulin, inflammation, gut health, joint/muscle health and food sensitivities.

My two favorite proteins are PurePaleo, a beef bone broth protein, which has 21-27 grams of protein – depending on the flavor. It comes in chocolate, vanilla or unflavored.

The Vegan source of protein I love is OptiCleanse GHI. It has 26 grams of protein per serving and tastes amazing! It also has a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and supports gut health, anti inflammation, and detoxification. It comes in packages of 10 single serve packets for convenience.

It’s always ideal to eat real, whole foods. Strive to include 3 servings of protein (4-6 oz) at each meal and if you have a snack, ½ of that would be great. This will help improve blood sugar and stress on the body which affects thyroid function.


PUREPALEO (Use code ROCK10 at checkout)

Unflavored – https://rockbottomwellness.ehealthpro.com/products/purepaleo-protein-unflavored

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Chocolate – https://rockbottomwellness.ehealthpro.com/products/purepaleo-protein-chocolate-810-grams-per-container

Opticleanse GHI:

To order, go here: http://www.wholescripts.com/register/rockbottomwellness/

Search for Opticleanse GHI and look for the Chocolate, Vanilla or Chai Flavor.

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Healing from Childhood Trauma with Michael Anthony

In our recent Rock-Bottom Wellness podcast our guest was Michael Anthony, the author of the bestselling book Think Unbroken and a coach, mentor, and educator for adult survivors of child abuse.

Michael was born to a hyper abusive drug-addicted mother who cut his finger off at four years old, a stepfather you pray you never have, and was adopted by a racist grandmother that pushed him into an identity crisis.

Aged 18, Michael decided that money could solve his problems, so he got a job in a fast-food restaurant and worked hard. By the time he was 21, he had a six-figure salary with a Fortune 1,000. However, aged 25, Michael found himself morbidly obese, drunk daily, and self-sabotaging everything he’d achieved.

It was not until his “mirror moment” that he began to work through his childhood trauma and life really began. Now, Michael Anthony spends his time helping others to become the hero of their own story and take their lives back.

The Mirror Moment

At 25 Michael was 350 pounds, smoking two packs a day, and drinking himself to sleep. It was looking at himself in the mirror one day that turned his life around. He told me about his “mirror moment’” here.

“I’m laying in bed. It’s 11 o’clock in the morning. I’m smoking a joint eating chocolate cake and watching the CrossFit games. Like, if that’s not rock bottom, I literally don’t know what it is. And so I go into the bathroom and I look at myself in the mirror.”

He faced himself honestly and his self-disgust while asking what he was willing to do to have the life he wanted.

“And the words, no excuses, just results started reverberating in my body. … that moment was a catalyst for everything my life is.”

Break Free of the Vortex

Michael explained how being willing to face his fears was the path to healing, by reclaiming his personal truth. He describes a process of taking ultimate responsibility and deciding to leave his inner vortex of self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

“It’s those, those thoughts, that damage, that, that hurt that, that shame, that pain, that guilt, that suffering, that thought that you’re broken. That’s the vortex. “

Mindset is Everything

How to break free? Mindset is everything. He explains:

“Mindset is very simple. What you think becomes what you speak, what you speak becomes your actions and your actions become your reality.”

Breaking free of the vortex involves changing your mindset. In short, being kind to yourself, investing in yourself, and committing to building the life you want to live.

I asked Michael how he made the leap. Reflecting on his own mortality was key. He didn’t want to die full of regrets about not doing the things he wanted to do out of fear.

Living moment to moment, fully present, and committed to growth was his path to healing. It’s the path he shares with his clients and in his book.

For more inspiration, check out Michael’s free Think Unbroken podcast.

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