Do You Have (Or Are Recovering From) Thyroid Cancer?

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In 8 weeks, learn proper nutrition to turn your health around and alleviate thyroid symptoms so you can thrive, not just survive.

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This 8-week group challenge is designed for people concerned about their thyroid and want to feel better, rebuild energy, and lose weight. While most thyroid diets tell you to follow restrictive food rules, the Rock Bottom Thyroid Reset does the opposite; you will fuel your body with tasty foods that balance your hormones, blood sugar, and mood… and you’ll be able to stick with it so you can sustain how good you feel.

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Tiffany Flaten
Founder - Rock Bottom Wellness
Author - Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment

In ten years of helping clients just like you resolve thyroid symptoms at their root cause, doing this with others on a similar journey has a huge benefit: COMMUNITY!

This 8-Week Thyroid Breakthrough Challenge brings you together with people who want the same thing you do and will help you find it—the path to an amazing life. Going it alone is the number one reason people struggle on their thyroid journey and feel depressed, moody, and exhausted. I promise you that throughout this challenge, I will build you up and empower you to form supportive relationships with other people who “get it.”

I will also be there to answer your burning questions, and most importantly, be there when you need the motivation to keep going. Let’s do this. Together.

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Let's Explore the 8-Week Thyroid Breakthrough Together

Take a look at what your next 8 weeks will look are on the cusp of finally losing weight, having more energy, relief from joint pain, and overall amazing health!

Ready to learn proper thyroid nutrition, turn your health around, and alleviate thyroid symptoms so you can thrive, not just survive?

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