Do you have “normal” lab tests but you still feel like garbage?

How many times have you gone to your appointments hoping and praying your lab tests come back with something to explain why you are feeling like you do. That may look like extreme fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, or poor gut health. OR it may look like a little bit of all those things! And then, the worst thing happens…your labs come back “normal.” You walk out of your appointment still fatigued, still frustrated and hopeless. According to your results, there’s NOTHING to do. So, you kind of give up and just carry on as is until…You are now so sick and tired of being sick and tired! You decide that it CAN be better. That you CAN do something and that you do not have to just put up with feeling sub par. You don’t have to feel frustrated, fatigued, or hopeless anymore. You can feel better now. Understanding where you’re at with your labs so you can feel and function your best is the best place to start. At Rock Bottom Wellness, we help you get to the root of your symptoms. We’ve helped so many feel better in no time by diving deep into nutrition and hormones. If you’re ready to feel better, the time is now.

When you access the the Rock Bottom Lab Audit, you’ll have access to an explanation of how to understand your own labs but in an easy and understandable format. You’ll learn about the lab markers in a full thyroid panel, a cholesterol panel and in a standard Complete Blood Count (CBC w/ differential) so that you find out where gaps may be between what your labs say and how you actually feel. Knowledge is power and it’s time to take control and understand YOUR numbers and how they may relate to your symptoms. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you done feeling hopeless with how you feel on a day to day basis? Be proactive with your health and sign up for the Rock Bottom Lab Audit now!