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Looking for a fresh start to boost your thyroid? Enter your name & email below to receive my Free 7 day meal plan.

Rock Bottom Wellness Education

My name is Tiffany Flaten. I’m the owner of Rock Bottom Wellness and I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed in the state of Minnesota. My company is located northwest of the Twin Cities.  I started my company with the purpose of helping people learn about nutrition and how it is often directly related to your health or your not-so-good health. I’m not talking about the nutrition most of us have learned as we’ve grown up and what is so universally accepted today. At Rock Bottom Wellness we practice functional nutrition which deals with the way food affects you at the cellular level and how the nutrients from food affects your well-being.

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It’s Spinach Day

It's Spinach Day Hi, I'm Tiffany. It is my goal to use my extensive education around the human body and nutrition to empower you to learn about how nutrition is linked to your health - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Today is Spinach Day. Depending on how old you are...

Frozen Food Month

FROZEN FOOD MONTH 13 MARCH, 2019 March is Frozen Food Month. The whole idea behind frozen foods is convenience. There’s nothing better than fast and easy meal prep on a busy night. To be healthier, though, we need to break away from the 1950s TV Dinner entrees and...

A Personal Approach to Health & Wellness

Rock Bottom Wellness encompasses a personal approach to each individual’s overall health and wellness through nutrition education and related services.  I work remotely, one-on-one, and teach groups to educate those interested in improving symptoms through proper nutrition.

I love to learn about nutrition, exercise, workouts, and how the human body really works. This led to my earning a Master’s degree in Nutrition and starting this business.



“My personal nutrition and wellness had hit rock bottom and I reached out to Tiffany at Personal Nutrition & Wellness…..with a plea HELP!!! I had general knowledge about food and what is good for you and what should be avoided but my food habits did not demonstrate any understanding about the power of food. Tiffany has opened my mind and eyes to a whole new world of food. Our bodies are truly a machine and what fuel is chosen is critical. I now have knowledge of what to look for on food labels, what is included in a well-balanced meal, and have quickly come to the realization there is not a quick fix. I have never felt so good physically and mentally. My family has also reaped the benefits of well rounded meals. THANK YOU TIFFANY!!” -K.L.



“I was very afraid to start this journey. I knew I had bad habits to break and not a lot of food knowledge. But what I didn’t know was that this journey would be solely about ME and what is best for ME! This is not the latest fad or newest pill/shake/program; this is about learning what foods my body is nutrient deficient in, and what foods to eat to correct that. This is about learning which foods make my body run efficiently and make me feel good…every. single. day. Tiffany was with me every step of the way and I am so appreciative of her combination of knowledge and caring! (Sharing recipes is great, too!). You will never regret participating in one of her groups; you will regret that you didn’t do it sooner.” -R.S.



“I was encouraged to try the Paleo Cleanse. I did. It truly was a positive experience. The booklet that Personal Nutrition and Wellness explained the benefits of the cleanse. The recipes that were given were excellent and tasted great. The tips on what to buy in the grocery store made shopping so much easier and I will continue to use what I have learned. I really feel great. I am sleeping better and even some of the aches are gone. So what does that mean? I don’t know but I do know that I feel better. Try it.” -S.G.



Tiffany has helped me where others could not. I have received so much help and education from her, I feel confident making many nutrition and supplement decisions myself. I still call her for help with specific issues and she remains a great source of help.
I did the Paleo cleanse a year ago, but have continued on it for a year have 1 of the shakes a day. I am on a bunch of medications for Migraines and other issues. The Paleo shake and vitamins have kept me going. I no longer feel like staying in bed all day. I have energy back and my migraines are much better controlled.” –GJ



“My name is Karla and I did the Paleo Cleanse.  I decided to do this because I felt sluggish, had a sensitive stomach, and couldn’t lose weight.  Tiffany, with Personal Nutrition & Wellness, Inc.,  has been a wonderful resource for me and had suggested that I reset myself, so I was all in.  I have done a few others in the past but this was by far the best.  Yes, the first couple of days were a challenge but once I had a routine it went great.  I started each day with lemon water and did add a little cayenne pepper.  It was amazing to me how that helped to wake up and feel energized.  The shakes were good also.  I added almond butter to help keep me full.  I did the cleanse for 14 days lost 6 lbs and a few inches.  Most importantly I felt less bloated, energized, and wasn’t constipated.  This was a great jump start to a new me.  I will continue with Tiffany thru this journey.  I highly recommend her and love her willingness to help however she can.  She is filled with tons of knowledge and has great tips.” -K.G.

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