Ready To Fix Your Fatigue?

Regain your vitality and feel like yourself again!

Fatigue Fix VIP

Fix Your Fatigue YOUR way

The Fatigue Fix is a customized program to help you regain energy, lose the weight, and feel amazing!

This customized program takes you through a deep dive into the WHY behind your symptoms and gives you the HOW to overcome them. You will do this in part by learning the importance of self care strategies, overcome emotional eating, and take a deep dive into what you need to do for YOUR body to regain your vitality and feel like yourself again.

Begin your Fatigue Fix Program now to help you achieve your health goals with nutrition education, on demand training, ongoing support, nutrition programs, and/or 1:1 sessions. Choose your way!


  • Improve gut health
  • Improve anxiety and manage stress
  • Learn how to nutritionally optimize your thyroid tests
  • Deal with emotional and/or disordered eating
  • Reset your body to factory setting and build it back up
  • Address hormonal imbalances
  • Address blood sugar
  • Learn about balanced eating
  • Discuss Intermittent Fasting

Hi! I'm Tiffany!
Take my hand. We'll do this together.

I’m the owner of Rock Bottom Wellness and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. 

I created this membership program to help you regain your energy, lose weight and feel great. Inside the program you will work with me to set your health goals and come up with a personalized plan to achieve them.  You will also connect with other people who want the same thing you do and will help you find it—the path to an amazing life. Going it alone is the number one reason people struggle on their health journey and feel depressed, moody, and exhausted. 

I promise you I will support you throughout your journey to reset your health and I will be there to answer your burning questions, motivate you, and get you back to feeling like yourself again. Let’s do this. Together.

In health,


Choose the option that works best for you!


Just The Course

  • For those that just want the course component without the support
  • Use the exact 3 Part Formula my clients follow to instantly start improving your fatigue and build a healthy and energetic body.
  • A new approach to optimizing your nutrients to support your health so that you can feel and function your best.
  • Note: The Fatigue Fix Formula is my signature course only. It does not include monthly 1:1 support, group training, or labs.


Monthly Membership

    • Includes Access Programs by Rock Bottom Wellness
    • 1 Live Training Each month focused on one topic to move you forward each month in improving your health
    • Monthly Nutrient Self Assessments 
    • Monthly Meal Guides
    • Private podcast episodes for you to listen on-the-go
    • Discounted access to lab draws (dependent on location/availability)
    • Discounted access to 1:1 sessions
    • Exclusive discount to Supplement Store
    • YOUR questions answered each session


6 Month Program

  • Includes Access to the Fatigue Fix Formula Course
  • 2 – 1:1 per month (cannot be stacked); unused is forfeited
  • On Demand Group Trainings
  • Discounted access to lab draws (dependent on location/availability)
  • Opportunity for improving your overall health and wellness; not just what you came here for
  • YOUR questions answered each session
  • Private messaging available each month with response time within 48 hours by me or someone from my team