How can nature improve your thyroid health?


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Today, I’m wanting to talk about the ways being in nature are beneficial to your thyroid health. It’s not a connection people often make. People come to work with me usually because of one main thing – mostly fatigue but often weight loss, and body pain. What people don’t really realize is that to get to the root causes of their thyroid issues, I’m working on many factors that contribute to those negative symptoms and recommending accordingly.

Most people are under a lot of stress – whether it be normal, daily commitments or extenuating circumstances like an illness – acute and chronic,; caring for others, financial stress, or any other thing that can knock us off our game. Add that to a poor diet and no or over exercise and it sets us up for a dysfunctional thyroid. Stress – good or bad – directly affects the thyroid and its function. When getting to the bottom of our symptoms and for resolution of those symptoms, we need to deal with lifestyle aspects as well. Stress management is key!


Tips for and reasons to be in nature:

1. Get your D. Vitamin D helps with so many things – thyroid health and balancing the immune system are just 2 of the many.

2. Use your senses. Try this activity for yourself or with your kids/family:  5 Things you can see, 4 Things you can feel, 3 Things you can hear, 2 Things you can smell. 1 Thing you can taste (maybe)

3. Be mindful of what you’re listening to…is true crime or new the best way to unwind while you’re walking in nature?

4. Notice the detail – take pics  of cool things you see…like a rain drop on a leaf, the details of a snowflake, a squirrel in a tree – make a nature walk journal of pics to remind you throughout the year.

5. Be curious – exploring and questioning the things around you

6. Let you mind wander

7. Clean up