When you’re faced with an impossible diagnosis, you can be left feeling depressed, exhausted, and anxious. I sat down with Scott Summer, an award-winning practitioner who treats patients globally with unique techniques, combining his Western and Eastern medicine knowledge.

Food in Medicine

Growing up with epilepsy, Scott struggled with depression. He prayed and promised that after he healed, he would help other people.

Amazingly enough, Scott grew up on a farm with his father, who taught him about food and fitness. It just so happens that a kenogenic diet is a cure for epilepsy. For Scott, he got off lucky. Doctors told him he just had epilepsy and that there was nothing he could do about it. Even when he was feeling better, they just sent him on home.

In Asian medicine, food is one of the first things discussed. In Western medicine, diets, calorie intake, and the like are not discussed in the medical field as much.

There is a difference in the food we eat now and how the food industry has changed things. There are a ridiculous amount of diseases that people are struggling with, and as we grow older, we expect to be full of disease. Nutrition and food supply are huge factors in that.

Not to mention the increased chemicals in our food. People want to use chemicals in our food to preserve it, dye it, flavor it, make it taste better, etc. Scott mentioned that while he was studying nutritional science, they would use 200-400 compounds just to make something taste like a strawberry.

The Worst Foods For Your Metabolism

Thyroid disease, metabolism, and weight loss issues all seem like the same thing, but they are all different. However, if you have one of those issues, it is likely to have the others, as well.

For most people, their metabolisms are perfectly fine in high school and college. It is not until their thirties or after children that issues arise. There are several factors that can contribute to this. For one, there are scars from operations such as c-sections and hysterectomies. Another is from the worst foods that really disrupt our metabolism.


Conventional dairy products just have so many chemicals and hormones in them nowadays. Cows are made to produce more milk by pumping them full of hormones and antibiotics.


Chickens aren’t just bred. They are grown. They’re the fastest-growing animal, and they’re pumped full of hormones. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid chicken.

Weight Loss

Your doctor is probably telling you just to eat healthily and exercise enough to lose weight, right? It’s probable that they are missing out on what goes on in the food industry and not considering how healthy that chicken Caesar salad really is. What they don’t tell you is to rotate your foods.

Additionally, you should also eat what is in season and eat local, organic food.