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1. Gluten Sensitivity and/or Celiac Disease – how it can cause flares and makes Hashimoto’s worse

2. Epstein Barr Virus – lies dormant; low level recurring infections as an adult can trigger symptoms by causing stress in the body; 80% of adults carry this virus around; IgG, IgM testing is available to see what’s going on and you can then seek treatment for it. Stress on the body from this virus can make Hashimoto’s symptoms worse.

3. Stress – underestimated as to how it makes us feel or can cause health issues including autoimmune issues

4. Gut Health – H. pylori; bacterial infection which can cause gastric ulcers. This affects acid levels in the stomach and impairs nutrient absorption.

5. SIBO/SIFO – Small Intestinal Bacterial (or Fungal) Overgrowth

6. Nutrient Deficiencies – thyroid function and thyroid affects every cell in the body. Selenium, Iodine, Zinc, Ferritin, Iron, etc. And, a somewhat obscure nutrient called Asparagine. Thyroid hormone production and conversion needs specific nutrients.