National Spaghetti Day



This can cause some angst with those who are wondering “should I” or “shouldn’t I?” This mostly has to do with the amount of carbohydrates in spaghetti or other pasta dishes.

But you can have a spaghetti-like dish without sacrificing a thing! And, in fact, you’re going to boost your nutrition by make this substitution. And, it’s so easy.

I had frozen meatballs on hand from a prior meal prep session. Throw those in the crockpot.

Put sauce over meatballs and some extra spices. I used Oregano, Basil, and some fresh ground black pepper.

I then washed and sliced 2 small spaghetti squashes in half. Spoon out the seeds. Then place face down on top of meatballs and sauce. (Note: if you cut them this way, the noodles are shorter-this is how they fit best in my crockpot)

Cool on low for 6-8 hours. Remove spaghetti squash from crockpot and using a fork, pull out the “noodles” and separate into dishes. Serve with sauce and meatballs.

So good! Nutritious, hearty, and really easy!

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