5 Things You Can Do When Your Food Prep Is Out of Your Control



I guess I am a control freak. I don’t really like help in the kitchen during meal prep time. I don’t want others preparing certain foods/dishes for me. I know what I want when it comes to certain ingredients in the foods or dishes I prepare. But sometimes, you just don’t have control over the foods available to you. Like when you’re traveling, for example. This week, I’m so lucky to be visiting one of my favorite places on Earth! But relinquishing my control issues with food preparation has to go out the window when traveling out of the country. I guess that’s a part of vacation as well. 

What are some of the reasons why your eating and nutrition goals get off track? It’s so easy to say “oh well” and just go with what’s easy. So what can we do to keep our health goals in line with what’s available to us

I’ll be staying in an all-inclusive resort and there will be several cuisine options available to us. I’m sure we’ll take in some sights and eat in places outside the resort as well. I find it easiest just to stay with the basics. So in order to stick with my nutrition goals, for the most part, here’s what I’ll be focusing on this week. This can be applied to any situation where you are out of your element when it comes to food preparation. Here’s my focus for the week:

1. Drink water – traveling can be dehydrating. Water will also keep things moving which will keep you feeling good.  

2. Focus on the macros – when you are at a restaurant and ordering off a menu or eating buffet-style, Pick 3 – a protein, a carbohydrate (preferably a vegetable) and a healthy fat. 

3. Fresh foods – go for the whole fresh fruits, seeds, veggies as a healthy snack. Most of these are easy to throw in a bag and take on the go. You’ll get the benefits of added nutrition from these foods rather than a bag of chips which will help to balance out the other things we tend to do when on vacation. When you are traveling to tropical places, try out the fresh foods that are in season all the time there that we don’t get here. That’ll be a treat in and of itself. 

4. Bring snack portions of nuts to travel on the plane and keep with me throughout the week. You don’t want to skip meals and get so hungry you’ll eat anything so keeping these things available can really help in a bind.  

5. Eat dessert! So you are out for a special occasion or on vacation, enjoy something you normally wouldn’t. Allowing yourself a little treat at a special meal is totally fine. It’s important to remove the importance of a particular food from your mindset.  

To summarize, I’ll be making sure I’m hydrated, sticking to basics with my macros, choosing the local fresh foods for snacks, and planning snacks to have with me if I get in a bind for something healthy to eat. And, last but not least, if there is great dessert on the menu and it’s something that I actually like and can eat, I’ll give it a try! Don’t make eating healthy too hard and don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t make the best choices. Just go with what you’ve got and do the best you can and ENJOY!

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